About Us

Hello! We’re UNDERS, a mom and pop kids clothing shop in East Nashville. UNDERS are ultra-soft, undoubtedly cool, unique, unisex, underwear, in kids sizes 2T – 8Y, and now adult sizes! Every pair of UNDERS is handmade with love and care in Nashville, TN, by seamstress, entrepreneur, and mama of 4, Monica Mullen. Our handmade goods are designed to empower kids to feel comfortable in their own skin. We understand that some kids don’t feel comfortable wearing “boy” underwear or “girl” underwear – but every kid deserves to feel comfortable and confident wherever they go. Oh, and “girls” underwear doesn’t have to be lacey, or pink, or revealing. And also, “boys” underwear can have rainbows, or dinosaurs, or both! That’s why we created UNDERS. 

We make a point to support our community, donating UNDERS to local organizations and working with nonprofits to offer work to refugees.