UNDERS uses the softest of fabrics to give your children the most comfortable underwear they’ve ever worn. Our handmade goods are designed to empower kids to feel comfortable in their own skin. And you can't possibly feel good in the wrong underwear.

Love for All

Our hearts are bursting for these sweet UNDERS!

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  • Ultra Soft

    UNDERS uses the softest of fabrics to give your children the most comfortable underwear they’ve ever worn. UNDERS are made with Double Brushed Polyester. The fabric is brushed on both sides making it super soft, stretchy, and breathable. Once kids try UNDERS, all other underwear goes out the window (parents tell us this ALL the time).

  • Undoubtedly Cool

    Your child’s imagination and creativity is endless. UNDERS are bold, colorful, and creative so your child is free to express their personal style. Goodbye, tighty-whities! Are they into butterflies? No problem. Do they want flowers with robots? You got it. Looking for something unique and out of the box? We've got your bottoms covered.

  • Unique

    We custom print our fabric, making our UNDERS as unique and special as the kids wearing them! You definitely won't find these prints anywhere else. We partner with artists for a cause, local creators with one-of-a-kind patterns, and designers who have wild ideas. The fabrics are original, and the possibilities are beyond endless!

  • Unisex

    We understand that some kids don’t feel comfortable wearing “boy” underwear or “girl” underwear, but every kid deserves to feel comfortable and confident. "Girls” underwear doesn’t have to be lacy, or pink, or revealing. And “boys” underwear can have rainbows, or dinosaurs, or both! UNDERS are designed to fit everyone.

  • Underwear

    Yep, that's right! Underwear. I wear underwear. You wear underwear. We ALL wear underwear. Wear something that's comfortable and cozy, wear something you love, wear something that lasts, and wear something that is uniquely you. For every pair of UNDERS we sell, we donate a pair to a local nonprofit for children in need.

UNDERS Gives Back

We deeply love and care about our community.  We are intentional with our collaborations and partnerships, by working with local artists to create prints for our underwear, hiring Afghan refugees in Nashville, and partnering with local non-profit, UniCycle to donate a pair of underwear with every pair sold to a MNPS student in need.  When we say underwear for all, we truly mean it.